How to Request a Starbucks Sugar Cookie Tea Latte

Picture of sugar cookies with white icing on background of a Christmas tree. Text says sugar cookie tea latte

Not into coffee? I get you. Neither am I! And luckily Starbucks has added even more tea options recently. But what about holiday options? The red and green cups are out. Read on for how I request their Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte but with tea!

My husband and I go to our local coffee and tea place when we can. But it’s a little out of the way. Often we stop by the Starbucks on our way back from our morning routine. The first time I ordered it the barista offered to remake the latte if it wasn’t good (I told her I was crafting my own tea this time). It was better than good!

Iced Sugar Cookie Latte At Starbucks

So what is this drink I’m trying to convert to a tea? Sugar cookie-flavored syrup combined with Starbucks Blonde espresso and almond milk. See it here Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte: Starbucks Coffee Company But I don’t like coffee, and I’m a fan of hot tea. I decided to use their ingredient list and make my own. Let me tell you, I smiled when I took my first sip.

Recipe for a Tea Latte – Sugar Cookie Style

It’s not so much a secret menu item as it is using the in-season items available to craft a masterpiece. I like having non-dairy options (for a non-dairy option of smoothies from Smoothie King I make at home, check out my post Dairy and Soy Free PBS&B Smoothie). For this tea latte, ask the barista to make you a:

Tip: Remove the tea bags after 3-5 minutes. Otherwise the tea will get too bitter. 

And that’s it! Super simple. If you try it, let me know how you like it! What are your favorite non-coffee drinks to ask for at Starbucks?

Do you like to read about food in fantasy novels? I do! It’s why I wrote some into my novel, including cakes and pastries. Yum! Trials of the Innermost. 

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