Gifts for Writers: 10 Ideas That Aren’t Notebooks

As an author who has received (and purchased herself) many notebooks, I can tell you that the writer in your life could use some alternative gifts this Christmas. (Caveat being if you’ve found something really unique or your friend has hinted at wanting one.) For that author/writer friend or family member, here are 10 gifts for writers to spark creativity or acknowledge their craft.

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1 – Writer’s block

This is both a clever pun and a literal block. Find their favorite author and they can display this block on their writing desk. Perhaps taking inspiration from those who came before can help them wiggle their way out of that dreaded writer’s block doldrums.

Writer's block cub with image of the Hobbit cover art
Writer’s Block from Literature Lodge on Etsy

2 – Books on writing

A writer knows they can always improve. Depending on their genre there can be all sorts of books to choose from. I recommend the Busy Writer Guides as they are short reads that pack a lot of helpful information without bloated word counts. Pick a book related to their genre and it’s sure to be a great author present. Here are some to start you off.

3 – Gift card to a coffee or tea shop

It’s cliche but it’s true, writers do write amongst busy baristas. Even if your loved one doesn’t, it’s nice to be able to treat yourself to a cup of caffeine of your choice in between writing. Support local businesses by purchasing from a local cafe!

4 – Wearable gifts for writers

5 – Website hosting

Pay for their new or existing author website for a year. Alternatively, pay for a pro subscription to their favorite services (such as Grammarly, or Canva).

6 – Gifts that spark creativity

Sometimes a writer can feel burned out or get stuck in their writing. They need to know it’s ok to take a break. Often, switching to another creative endeavor helps them unwind and use their minds in creative-adjacent ways which spark new creative ideas. My go-to’s are:

  • Video games that tell stories like Dragon Age
  • Crafting, such as making a chainmail jewelry piece. Many craft stores sell kits to make predesigned pieces.
  • Books by other authors in their genre (Have a science fiction or fantasy writer? Check out my novel, Trials of the Innermost)

7 – Novel Teas

I’m a tea lover and like many writers, I love to read. Combine the two and we get teas tagged with literary quotes. Novel Teas is a unique gift for writers.

8 – Gifts with book smells

9 – Drinkware presents for writers

Mugs for coffee and tea, tumblers for water, thermoses for both; there are a lot of unique drinkware options to delight as a gift for an author. If they already have a plethora of drinkware you could get stickers to put on those cups and bottles.

Storyteller Mug, by puppetspoppets on Etsy

10 – Published author gifts

Is your writer published? Celebrate their success with a celebratory mug or shirt, a keychain with their book cover as a charm, or stickers for their laptop and drink bottles. Here are some of my favorites I found on Etsy.

If you’re an author, what’s the most unique writing-related gift you’ve received or gifted?

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