April Poetry Month: Celebrating Verse and Creativity

Welcome to April and…

April is National Poetry Month!

Last year I used this month to prep my science fiction and fantasy poetry, including writing several new pieces, for my soon-to-be-released collection, Imaginari. This month, I am planning on participating in a poem-a-day challenge where I write a new poem every day, and I’ll be attending an open mic event at my work. Follow along on my social media channels for updates and snippets of how poetry is going this month for me. I’m also going to have a guest post on my blog each month talking about poetry from the various poetic forms to what poetry means to them.

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Step into lyrics of science, science fiction, and fantasy where robots fight for their autonomy, fairies wage war against goblins, and humanity reaches for what awaits them in the stars. This collection of poetry holds a glimpse of the human experience disguised in fairytales and stardust. You will encounter themes that resonate with our reality, such as motherhood, growth, feminism, hope, and nature. Whether you are a fan of epic sagas, whimsical tales, or lyrical reflections, you will find something to spark the imagination in this anthology. Prepare to be enchanted by an invitation to dreams of the fantastical.

The History of National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month was created by the Academy of American Poets in April 1996

National Poetry Month is a special occasion that celebrates poets’ integral role in our culture and that poetry matters.


It’s now one of the largest literary celebrations worldwide with events such as Poem-a-Day challenges, social media participation with the hashtag #NationalPoetryMonth, and local events on the Poetry Near You calendar.

Why Poetry Matters

For me, poetry is another way for me to express my creativity and find unique ways to communicate. Poetry has everything from rigorous rules for rhyme and syllables, to breaking rules by writing in the shape of a pineapple. This creative expression can invoke joy, sadness, contemplation and I love that you can write about any subject. (Remind me to tell you about the time I wrote a poem about parentheses). And I love the beauty of words – when poems can find unique ways to discribe sights, sounds, and feelings in their metaphors and how the right alleteration or syllable pattern can feel like a dance. There’s music in poetry and there’s raw emotion, lessons and memories. I think poetry is a unique way to see into someone’s expression, and for others to draw an understanding of the world, separate from what can be accomplished with prose.

Scientist and experts seem to agree with me.

Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

  1. Celebrate at Home:
  2. Make Poetry Local:
  3. Introduce students to Poetry
  4. Collaborate

I’m Accepting Poetry Guest Posts!

Do you write or study poetry? Starting this month, I will have a monthly (if not more) guest post on the topic of poetry. Be sure to follow my blog to get updates on new posts. And if you are interested in being one of the guests, fill out this short form. Topics can range from discussing your favorite poetic forms to what poetry means to you. Have a poetry book? Let me plug that for you on my blog!

Poetry is powerful, pushes boundaries, and enriches our lives. Let’s celebrate it together! 

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