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I stumbled upon this fantastic idea. The Insecure Writer’s Support Group! They post on the first Wednesday of the month. “Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance.”

Today I’ll Join them!

Question of the Month

November is National Novel Writing Month. Have you ever participated? If not, why not?

I have not. I don’t do well with daily word count goals, or word count goals in general. As a mom of two under the age of five, with a day job, I’ve learned to write when I can and that any writing is something to celebrate. I know my limitations and right now trying to reach 50,000 words in a month is not realistic. It would be setting myself up to fail and that is not productive.

I also have a process that works for me. Some say don’t edit as you write. It’s a bit like the great pantser vs plotter debate. And as this article articulately explains (The Potter vs Pantser Debate Has Been Exaggerated), were doing the same steps…just in a different order. So, for me to crunch out 50k words in one month that would mean I can’t stop to edit as I go, or fill in a back story I thought of while writing chapter 10 that should go into chapters 3 and 6. Some of that “editing” some people do at the end of a draft. I do it during, which means I’m not spending a month after completing to make those changes – I’m adding it into the month it takes me to draft.

I did attempt something within my abilities a few years ago. I started my own “Novempoe“. Inspired by Inktober, I made a weekly theme for composing a poem (or three if ambitious). I shared it with followers on Instagram – but I think I was the only participant. Still, I set small goals and completed them. While not 10,000 words, it was another poem each week I wouldn’t have crafted otherwise. So if you feel like NoNoWriMo is daunting, maybe setting another goal for the month can be something to motivate you within your comfort level.

Current Insecurities

The goal of the IWSG is to share those insecurities. Right now, it’s around my first book. The cover released last month and while I’m excited I’m also afraid that no one will read it. Marketing is hard and like a second job. Am I even doing this marketing thing right *hits mic* *screech echos in the room*.

I write so that others can read my stories. I know some people are happy with writing just to write, but I love creating worlds for others to explore. But if they aren’t exploring, it’s like an empty library: why is it even there? I am recharged, though, every time someone reaches out to let me know they preordered. This is likely just imposter syndrom setting in. How do you deal with that little voice that says “no one likes your stuff”?

9 thoughts on “IWSG November 2022”

  1. Definitely insecure – relative in publishing read a whole book, broke it to me – you’re not a writer, then added, ‘ You’re a journalist.’

    Still trying though, but 50,000 words, in November ? Even today, every single plan’s changed, and not by me,. Agreed with a friend – a compromise. Not officially, but we ned the motivation effects.

  2. Marketing it the absolute worst part of publishing, in my opinion. I was never successful with it, and have pretty much given up. Though, it doesn’t help that I’m in a much more generic genre of “epic fantasy”. That makes it so much worse. At least Science Fantasy works in your favor of having a narrower field.

    I wish you great luck with your upcoming release!

    1. Absolute worst 🙂 I feel the opposite about epic fantasy – everyone knows what to expect and it’s super popular! You’d think it would be easy. But nope. Ha. My science fantasy series is part epic fantasy, too. Still trying to find the right ways to capture interest. Thanks for the well wishes! I hope you find the golden egg for your marketing.

  3. I edit as I go, unless I hit a snag. Then I do like the link I posted for my IWSG….I put a note to self in brackets and move on. As far as plotter vs panster, I plot the general story and pants the scenes. I have been taking time to figure out more details beforehand with recent books, and it has helped my writing go faster.

    Regarding marketing, shouting it out on blog and twitter, etc., can only go so far. I’ve had the most luck running Amazon (pay-per-click) ads. But since royalties are delayed by 2 months, you have to put up some cash to get it started. Not possible for every indie. It is also more profitable if you have a series, not just one book. If you’re on Facebook, and you’re serious about making money from your writing, check out the 20Booksto50k group. They have great free advice.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and welcome to IWSG. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the welcome! I use the bracket option a lot as well! I can get hung up on words and description and will leave myself a note to work it out later.

      I’ll check out that FB group! It feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall sometimes, seeing what will stick with marketing ideas.

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