2019 Year in Review

Can you believe it? 2019 is over and we’re moving into the year of perfect vision. (20/20 *nudge*). I typically look back at my year and share some highlights. 2019 feels like a blur. I was pregnant for 5 months of it and then 3 months I got to stay home with my new baby! Let’s see what exciting things I did this year.


My greatest accomplishment this year was giving birth to our first baby. Meet Thorin!

Star Trek Experience

While we didn’t have any children to bring (beyond the baby in my belly) we went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum for my birthday and the Star Trek Exhibit. We had a great time!

Infant Photography

I practiced a new skill set – infant photography – on my photogenic baby. Who knows, maybe I’ll branch out from nature photography one of these days.


Because I had our baby in May, we were able to spend a lot of time walking outdoors before the summer heat set in. We found a lovely park nearby that all of us enjoyed. And then for fall we took baby to the Apple orchard.

Other Creativities

Even though I’m not a drawing artist, I tried my hand at inktober. My favorite drawings tied into my fantasy novel. And then I created Novempoe for November. I wrote more poetry in one month than I have in 5 years. I love it! And I’m continuing the poetry inspiration even now.

New Car

Traded in my trusty Cruze for an Equinox. I’m enjoying the heated seats, lane assist, backup camera, collision warning, etc. I feel safer traveling with baby, and AWD will be useful when snow finally comes.

Well, that’s about it! How was your 2019?

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