Two Wedding Posts

I have two more wedding blog posts up at my wedding website. Here’s a little bit from each and a link to the full post.

Wedding Weekend Results

Kristina Walls on Mar 23, 2011 03:50 AM

This last weekend I worked on finalizing all of the addresses for my invitations. Some of them Scott and I will be hand delivery – saving postage is always a plus! – and of course many of them we will be physically mailing. We had planned on going to my parents’ home for the weekend, but my mother got sick! She needed to rest, and neither of us wanted to catch anything, so we stayed in Carmel…… [more]

60 days!

Kristina Walls on Mar 22, 2011 06:06 PM

Well, we’ve hit the two month countdown! I can’t believe it is so close now, or that we are getting married. Some times it doesn’t seem real. But I certainly am excited! I can’t wait!!

Scott and I went to the mall today to exchange his wedding band. The odd thing is we had him sized at the store and because they didn’t have the size in stock they ordered it, but when it came in the mail it was far too big! It fell off of his finger, and I’m not exaggerating. What a bummer! …… [more]

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