Medicine and Wedding Dreams

Time to play catch-up with my blogging. I’ve been sick since last Saturday, not at all fun except for the day I got to watch four movies while laying very lethargic on the couch (though “fun” still isn’t the word I would use). I tried to push through feeling bad as I knew one of these days I’d get flu-like sick and I’d need to save my “sick days” for that. But try as I might, I felt terrible. I couldn’t breathe out of my nose, my throat hurt, my ears were stuffy, I had a terrible headache, I was moody, developed a cough, and just sounded awful. I tried DayQuil, NyQuil but that made me even more moody and caused me to feel shaky.

Finally I went to see the doctor on Thursday morning, subsequently calling in sick that day and the next. Seems my husband brought something home which affected me 4x worse than it did him. The doctor wanted me to wait 10 days before I used the prescription handed to me,  she attempted to explain briefly why that was but it sounded like, “Because the waves of the ocean are moving harmoniously with the butterfly wings,  the fairies must dance under the moon at 2 in the morning”. Otherwise known as balderdash. I filled my prescription immediately and took my first dose – by the late afternoon I no longer felt like I was dying. Hip-hip hurray! And after a much needed sleep-in on Friday, I could sit up and do more than just watch movies.

I’m glad I got to catch up on my films, though. For the first time I watch Babylon AD which was a pleasant surprise and because I didn’t have high hopes to begin with I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Watched The Last Mimzy, a nice child sci-fi but it could have been better, 3.5 stars out of 5.  Race to Witch Mountain, enjoyable at a 4.5 stars. And Splice – a complicated rating here – originality and unused actors a major plus, but the disturbing and quite messed up story will prevent me from ever watching it again: 3 stars.

Feeling poorly as well as effects of medication have worked an interesting twist on my mind.  I started no less than 5 books this weekend, never making it beyond page 10 in any of them. I attempted to write a story (attempting to poke fun at Twilight) and got rather bored with my own writing half way through the first page. I started at least 3 video games and none of them have held my attention. I’m just waiting to be inspired by something.

On an odd note, I’ve seen a recent odd trend in my dreams. Maybe it is medicine inspired, or maybe it has to do with my attempt at starting a wedding scrap book while I’ve been sick and reviewing all of our wedding photos. They’ve been very wedding-like. I dreamed my sister was getting married in India and polygamy was fine. She and another girl were marrying the same guy at the same time. We were all being hunted afterwards as we walked down a forest lane in near-dark and I was awesome at hand-to-hand combat. One of our assailants turned in to Poe (our Black Lab) and he did not want to be left behind.

Another wedding dream involved me getting married again, to the same person (my husband). We had to get married three times in a row for this wedding, each time was a little different with the way I wore my veil or how I walked down the isle. The third walk involved everyone standing in the front in a long line instead of seats. I couldn’t locate my boquet and there happened to be a nice set of rose bushes but my mother wouldn’t let me pick the flowers so I had to walk empty-handed, everyone staring at me (not nicely) and sweating in the sun. The whole thing felt terrible, as if it was a nightmare.

The most recent wedding dream involved planning the cake for the wedding. We had been told by the baker that we could store the bottom half of the cake in the closet and it would keep fine. I went into the closet to check on the cake, cutting myself a slice, realizing that the cake was far too small for our reception. And the cake tasted terrible. It was clearly spoiled, some version of Tres De Leche gone wrong,  but I kept eating it. I decided we should instead buy some cupcake tiers and place many chocolate cupcakes that way instead to feed everyone. Oddly enough I woke up sick after this one with a tiny dose of food poisoning, for real.

I’m sure I’ve had others but I don’t remember enough to type them out like I did for the three above. It really must be a combination of being sick, medicine, and looking through my wedding photos for the scrapbook. Weirdness is the only word I have for it at this point.

On a side note, I’m very happy with how my wedding turned out. The weather was perfect, the flowers beautiful in the garden, my hair and dress were fantastic, my husband was so handsome, and everyone had a great time. If I could have changed anything…. nope, can’t think of anything at all!

Now, I’m not feeling anymore creative to start writing nor does any book call out to me. But I think I might watch another movie before work claims me again tomorrow.


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