Dream Log Oct 16

I’ve decided to start trying to document some of my dreams.  As a brief explanation of things to come, I may not always write all of the details. I’ve found in many of my dreams I have a “feeling” that something is true but without knowing the full background of it. So I might say “we” did something, but never tell you who is in that group, it is because I never questioned myself in the dream but knew there was the feeling of being with another person (or persons). I may say that something “bad” happened, but never explain why it was so. I might not even know, but I “felt” something was wrong, or had gone wrong, and continued within my dream world.

Last night I had four dreams. I woke up at 5am and repeated the first 3 I had to myself until I fell back asleep again, in hopes to remember the dreams when I finally woke up. Between 5am and 7am I had another, which I remember but I lost one of the original three. So, here are three of the four dreams, or scenes (they maybe are the same dream, but jumping around wildly) from last night.



We were in a coastal city, the weather was fine but it was a dark night. I got my things packed into a bag, grabbed a few other items, and was ready to leave with my group. I followed the person in front of me out of the port area and into the open waters of a large lake. I was on a vehicle much like a scooter but for the water. Very hard to balance and it was pink. My sister was swimming with William Shatner, and just as I was about to water-scooter past them I lost my balance and tumbled into the water. Shatner laughed at me and my noob abilities while I watched my water-scooter sink to the bottom of the lake. I swam to the edge of the lake, like a swimming pool edge, my sister climbing out and diving back into the water. Something was wrong with the bottom of the lake; I dove again and again, looking at the underneath side of a walkway and watching bugs crawl in and out of grate-like objects at the bottom of the lake. Then we were swimming as fast as we could away and to the doorway in the distance. Something had happened to our male companion – he’d held the box and it had killed him. Me and another female reached the doorway, which had stairs leading deeper into the building. We had to get away from them, but they were gaining. We hid, but they came. I pretended to be the mermaid while my companion (the real mermaid) attempted negotiations with the group of three, I was watching from the gap in some stacked crates. We were to sign the rights of something that belonged to us over to this group. I wanted to protest, but now I was pretending to be the mermaid so I came out of hiding to sign the document displayed on the podium my real mermaid companion now stood at. But I didn’t know how to spell her name. Feigning ignorance at never have written words before, I quickly stroked how I thought her last name would be spelled. R-I-M-S followed by a check mark symbolizing true and a question mark to ask if it was so. She signaled to me it was true and I scratched out my doodles, done in a fine-point faded pink highlighter, and signed “Sophia Rims” to the bottom of the document.


Scott and I had just been married and it was time to go on our honeymoon. But he didn’t want to go. Instead, I took my grandpa. We were in a town that had very large and old building – buildings with culture and thought behind the design, like gargoyles at the top. I was excited to be in this area that felt like Europe. We toured the city and I took many pictures with my camera. Then I was in a sundress, walking over a suspended rope/wood bridge to the hotel. We entered at the top floor and the first door we walked passed was open. We stepped into these people’s hotel room and my grandpa began talking with the little girls there. He decided we needed to rescue one of them and take her home with us. I protested, but could not sway him to see my reasoning.


Scott, my husband, and I were in the town of our college staying in a large hotel for it was our two-year graduation reunion. [Keep in mind, Scott graduated a different year than I did and also from a different college.] It was very tall and we could see out across the city from our room. His parents were also in town and they wanted to get together with us. But we already had plans as one of the reunion activities was happening very soon at a theatre.  Scott thought maybe we could go out to eat with his family before hand but I suggested we call the venue as they might be serving dinner there and we’d already paid for the activity. I sat at a computer in the room while Scott knelt nearby and called the venue. I wasn’t satisfied with the questions Scott was asking and as my whispered suggestions were being ignored I took the phone from him. “Hi, this is Kristina, you were talking to my husband. I just wanted to know if food will be served tonight.” I could see the man on my computer screen. “I have to warn you, I like a good joke. Depends on what you call food. hahahaha There will be popcorn in the movie.” I hung up the phone and relayed the message to Scott. The event was starting at 10pm and it was already 9:30 so we really didn’t have time to eat with his parents, nor grab any food for ourselves. We’d have to be OK with just popcorn.


The End



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