2017 Year in Review

Happy New Year!! 🎉

2017 – I’ll call it my year of adventure. Below are things I did in 2017. Photos!

Happy New Year and may we all have great adventures in 2018. ❤️✌️😁

My sister got married!

My middle sister was married at the beginning of the year and I was a bridesmaid.

Vacation to Kauai

I’ll eventually get another “5 things I learned” post up like I did for the Big Island. For now, here’s a few photos of the trip.


I love the indy zoo! This last year there were many new things to see. But I do miss the polar bear.

Kings Island

I. Love. Roller coasters. I think the Banshee is my favorite. Or the Beast.

Purple hair

I’ve tried several hair colors on my ends or underneath. But I tried a fantastic shade of purple and even though it’s gone now I keep it as my profile picture.

Trip to Denver

It was a quick trip for work but I was able to hit the Rocky Mountain National Park my first day there. I was in search of a lake with mountains in the background to compose a perfect photo. And I found it!

San Francisco Trip

I took a work related trip to San Francisco so only got to see a little bit of the area. I hope to go back and explore some more one day.


My yearly geek time. I always get photos with a few actors from my favorite shows

Completed Trials of the Innermost

My coauthor and I finished writing and editing (via a writecation) our first novel! Check out more news about that here.

Bought a house!!!

My husband and I bought a house. Which we painted the kitchen and living room immediately. And I’ve started added more flowers to the landscape. And we had the bathroom remodeled.

Cox garden

There’s a cool garden nearby that I explored for the first time.

Monumental marathon

I walked the 5k but my husband ran the marathon. He’s amazing. It was cold.

Christmas lights/ kinder Christmas

We really got into decorating Christmas this year. Christmas village inside and a German spinning pyramid, Christmas lights and Garlands all over. I also saw Christmas lights at the speedway and a Chinese lantern Festival. And went to the Carmel Christmas village.

Happy new year!

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