Best and Worst Writing Advise

Over at our writing website my coauthor and I talked about the best and worst writing advise we have recieved. I had this to say:

For me, one of the best pieces of advise I received was “Don’t over think it”. Then I built my personal definition along my writing journey. If you don’t write it, you can’t make it better. It is more productive to get those messy ideas out of your head – then you can start seeing the plot holes and fix them. Spending too much time thinking about what-if even before you have words on a page can derail me. Plotting vs pantsing is a topic for another day. Yes, plotting can be good (and works real well for some and not for others). But if you are always plotting and never writing, you still don’t have a chapter (or a novel)!

For the complete details see the original post.

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