With a Little Help From Our Friends

“I get by with a little help from my friends” – The Beatles

My very good friend, JohnWillard Utuk, is in need of a Kidney transplant. He has battled Lupus Nephritis and it is time for a transplant. Please consider donating! Even “pocket change”. When we band together, even the smallest of amounts add up to be great. A music educator, great pianist, and overall an amazing person and friend.

Please share in any capacity that you can or donate if you are moved to do so.

His Transplant.org page

From the above link:

“At age 10, John Willard was diagnosed with lupus nephritis after he began experiencing fatigue, fever and muscle pain upon returning home from a family trip to the Philippines. Although the cause of the autoimmune disease is unknown, the stress from the trip triggered the symptoms, which led to his diagnosis. Doctors now say a kidney transplant is essential. While awaiting his transplant, he endures regular dialysis treatments, which take a toll on his quality of life.

Despite his health challenges, John Willard focuses on the positive and has learned to appreciate everything in life. He is extremely thankful for his loving family, as they’re always there to support and take care of one another.

After receiving his transplant, John Willard looks forward to swimming in the ocean and traveling to new places, but his life’s passion is music. He would love to be well enough to once again teach music in schools, as his declining health forced him to leave two different music education positions within the public school system. He is grateful to still able to teach private piano lessons. He dreams of performing as a concert pianist one day and returning to school to earn his master’s degree. But right now, he needs your help.”

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