Wistful Wednesday

It’s Wistful Wednesday! Something I’ve decided to do on a weekly bases to keep me writing more blog posts. I’ve seen others do “Throwback Thursday”, but because I’m more poetic and I also don’t like to just copy others, I’m coming up with my own.

I will reminisce about something in my past, hopefully more of the humorous nature, post a small blog about it, conceivably with accompanying pictures.

For today we have this gem. It is currently blown up on the wall of the admissions office at my Alma Mater Florida Southern College. My goofy attempt at a “fun” pose will live on… forever.


I have fond memories of jazz band. I loved every bit of music groups I was in, but this was so much fun. Jazz was never my strong point, but it has such a different vibe (literally and figuratively) than concert band and it really appealed to me. Thankfully the director was patient with me, and my lack of improv skills. I learned a lot! And had a lot of fun along the way.

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