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While I sit here and wait for pictures to upload, I thought I should type up a blog post. I’ve been meaning to order more prints of our wedding (for scrapbooking) as well as prints from the honeymoon. You wouldn’t believe how many pictures I took on the honeymoon! I borrowed my sister’s camera (which was my old camera, given to her when I got my semi-professional Nikon D60) and filled the memory card before I switched to my Nikon. I believe between the two cameras I took close to 1,500 shots. Getting prints for all of those is mighty expensive. The good news is that not ALL of the pictures are print quality. I’m a pack-rat (aka can’t throw most things away as I never know when it might come in handy), so I’ll keep all of the images on my computer, but I’m attempting to pick the best and most interesting pictures to have in print. Still, that’s around 500 pictures. Good news, though, my friends! Snap Fish is having a print sale of up to 500 prints for a penny each. I have hit the jack-pot.


So, here I sit, picking the best of the best and uploading them slowly to Snap Fish (in high-quality in case I ever want to get larger than 4 x 6 prints) and then I will place my order. As it is sadly taking a long time and I don’t want to mess it up by doing too many things at once on my PC, I found now was a good time to start getting back into the habit of writing blog posts.


I’ve been studying for the Series 7 exam lately. I started at the beginning of the month and made great progress at first. It only took me a week to get through 11 of the 22 chapters. Then I hit a snag. The material, already confusing and difficult (as I’ve never even had a lowly undergrad finance or economic course) but I was managing, suddenly became a nightmare. It took me most of the following week to get through two chapters. But, I’m proud as I was actually able to explain a topic to my husband, who majored in Math and Economics, that he didn’t know. That’s a major boost to my confidence. I’ll keep plugging along in this book, although it hurts my brain and literally takes it out of me. I developed a large headache last night from it, and I’m not exaggerating.  Between work, spending all day on the phone and computer, then studying when I come home… I have no energy or brainpower left over to call anyone on the phone, write emails, read books for fun, let alone write any of my stories.


This Series 7 study book I would say is over 800 pages, but I don’t want to overshoot that mark. My goal is to complete it, do the practice questions and exams, and take the test by the end of the month. I shocked several people, including my manager, when I told them I’d read and take the exam within a month. I’m doing the band-aid method – rip that sucker off as quickly as possible! My thought is it is less time for me to have to hold on to all of the material in my brain, so less likely I’ll lose it to deterioration. Keeping my fingers crossed.


This weekend, today in fact, I’ll be going to watch my sister play soccer. Which reminds me *pause blog to charge camera battery* Ah, the many benefits of blogging – a self reminder trigger for things you have forgotten. I haven’t seen her play yet this year, which I feel bad about. I hope the weather is nice for us. It’s been raining the past few days; good for the drought, bad for outdoor activities.


I’ve been having a lot of crazy dreams lately, which I should probably start writing down in case it could be the inspiration for my next story. Mark that down as another blog idea for the future. I’ve also been on a sci-fi kick. Before I started studying, Scott and I finished watching Stargate Atlantis and watched the first season of Sanctuary. I’ve since purchased season two of Sanctuary, season 2.5 of Battlestar Galactica, and season one of Star Trek Enterprise. You don’t know how much restraint I have to put on myself to not watch those until my studying is done. I did watch one episode of Enterprise as a reward, though. Speaking of Battlestar Galactica. I was listening to the music on my way to work one day, which prompted me to post on Facebook something like “I wish my car was a Viper”. To which a good friend of mine asked what my callsign was. After playing with several options, I am now Blackbird – Beatles inspiration as well as Edgar Allen Poe-ish and also almost like Millennium Falcon. I adore it. Call us silly, but we txt each other almost like space radio transmissions. Oh so much fun! I used to write a friend of mine like I was from an era before technology with a slight fantasy twist. I should do that again too as that was enjoyable.


I’m still tracking down places where I need to change my name. I haven’t looked yet, but I bet this website needs several areas updated. With all of those website accounts, emails, stores,  I’m not sure I’ll ever get them all updated. Which reminds me. When I came home from work the other day, I had a note that my recent Amazon order had arrived. I walk down to the apartment office to pick up my package and walk happily back to my apartment. I open the package not to find my sci-fi tv dvds but a wedding present? From the end of May?? Loving those apartment people. Why didn’t anyone contact me? Ah well – we got Beatles coasters!! Super fantasticly awesome!! The next day I returned and picked up the actual package I was expecting.


Now I’m attempting to remember anything that has happened recently that is worth notating here. That’s the problem with my memory, some things need a trigger for me to remember them even if they happened just a week ago. *sigh* I’ll be attempting to blog more in the future. But I make no promises!

Until next time,

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