Two Books Up For Preorder

Poetry and Fantasy upcoming releases from me are available to preorder!

Preorder Tavern Tale

Hello fellow adventurers! What do indie TTRPGs and a book inspired by RPGs have in common? They went live for preordering as of May 30th! My book Tavern Tale and 12 others —plus 2 custom RPGs— are all part of the Space Wizard Science Fantasy year 3 BackerKit crowdfunding campaign. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler through the cosmos or a curious newcomer, something enchanting awaits you.

When you access the Space Wizard campaign, you can choose to get ebooks or physical books by themselves or as bundles (Tavern Tale is also part of the Sapphic Pack which contains 5 ebooks!) Once the campaign ends in June, you will get a survey where you select the book(s) you want. Be sure to choose Tavern Tale!

(cover art to come)
Inspired by RPGs, cozy with higher stakes, and set in autumn. Divine, a former healer of the Goddess of Souls is chasing her talisman, the key to accessing her magic well, which was stolen. She meets the flirty tavern owner and axe wielder with an eyepatch Saph has a proposition: Saph will help Divine locate her talisman if Divine helps her complete a mysterious quest in a chest.

What if the side quest is really the main quest?
Preorder Tavern Tale!

Do you know other gamers? Do you have a local gaming store? Send them this flyer! Or post on social media! Every share helps and it’s a great way to support without having to spend any money.

Preorder Imaginari

Preorder my poetry book and get the ebook at the reduced price of $1.99!
Stay on my mailing list to get notified when the physical book is ready for purchase on or before 10/23/2024

What’s Imaginari? Step into lyrics of science, science fiction, and fantasy where robots fight for their autonomy, fairies wage war against goblins, and humanity reaches for what awaits them in the stars.

Paired with original color photography, this collection of poetry holds a glimpse of the human experience disguised in fairytales and stardust. You will encounter themes that resonate with our reality, such as motherhood, growth, feminism, hope, and nature. Whether you are a fan of epic sagas, whimsical tales, or lyrical reflections, you will find something to spark the imagination in this collection. Prepare to be enchanted by an invitation to dreams of the fantastical.

Physical Perks

I want to offer perks for ordering the physical copy during release week. But I’m not sure what everyone would want. Reply and let me know if you would want

  • A 5×7 print of one of the photographs
  • A vinyl sticker with an uplifting quote from one of the poems
  • Something else (comment)

Join My Team

I couldn’t do this without you. I’m so excited to bring you these two books! There’s still time to apply to be part of my ARC Team (ARC=advanced reader) or be on my Street Team.

ARC Team: You’d get an early ecopy of the book for review.  Being an ARC receiver gives you the chance to read early to post reviews for others to get hyped about the release. Request to join.

Street Team: A street team is a group of volunteers who band together to promote an author and his or her book. Members of a street team are motivated by their love of an author’s work to promote it to as many people as possible.
Ideas to help my releases:

  • Sharing my posts
  • Attending virtual events
  • add my books to Goodreads lists
  • request my books at libraries
  • make posts/photos with my books
  • Help promote new releases and giveaways on social medias etc

Want to be on my street team? Request to join here.

And don’t forget to share with your friends…Preorder Tavern Tale or Imaginari!

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