May 2024 Author Updates

May has gone away so it’s time for a recap. Reading and writing updates, Kingdom Hearts, mini vacation, book reviews and Instagram interviews.

This month I was:

Writing Progress and Updates

You probably saw my post from the other day – I have two preorders up! One for my science, scifi, and fantasy poetry collection and the other for my first solo fantasy novel. Check out Imaginari and Tavern Tale in this post.

I’m still working on book 2 of the Etherea Cycle with my good friend and coauthor – I’m excited to be fine-tuning the first 1/3rd of the book and getting to add more sprinkles of sc-ifi to the tale.

And this month I plan to finish a short story I started earlier this year and abandoned. Past me didn’t write down what the ends was going to be so I’ll have to recreate whatever my brain had come up with. I hope to submit to a contest or two when finished.

How’s Life?

My oldest child had a birthday! Exposed him to root beer floats and he loves them! He wanted a Wish themed party so we got a cake and decorations and let him and his friends go wild at an indoor playpark. Nice to not have to worry about the weather!

Speaking of weather, it’s been nice out so it’s treated by flowers delicately and the roses are looking beautiful. We just laid down new bark mulch and I took the time to pull weeks so it looks like we care about the flower beds again. Ha! I do need to put out my humming bird feeder and seed as I keep forgetting.

For Mother’s Day I got a new Aqua bumper sticker from Kingdom Hearts and the Kingdom Hearts music game on switch (KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory). The kids like listening to the music so it’s a win-win.

It was our Anniversary in May and we went to some restaurants, walked outside, and went bowling + arcade. It was good to have a relaxing vacation where we didn’t have to worry about travel or staying at an unfamiliar place.

As always, here are some photos but more up at Instagram!

Book Reviews

Check out my latest reviews! An 83 year old protagonist, and Little Mermaid but with gaslighting.

Instagram Live

I plan on hosting some other creatives (published, unpublished authors, books designers, illustrators, etc) on Instagram Live, thanks to an idea from another one of my besties. I had an interview like it with someone in Instagram and had a great time! It will be called Creativi-TEA because I’ll be sipping tea. Check it out on Instagram!

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