Thrilling Thursday

If you’ve been watching my blog, you’ve seen my Wistful Wednesdays. I’m now adding Thrilling Thursdays to the list! I’ve decided this will be a blog post about things that excite me. Books, movies, video games, technology, astronomy, quotes, the list goes on.

Today I squeal about DragonCon. 14 days! I can’t wait. I had so much fun last year. This year, with different guests, it’s going to be just as great. I got more brave with my outfits and I’m making one a bit more complex than my Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. That was simply finding the right undershirt, tank top, and pants. I already have the hair. I did add the extra charm of her dog tag. I don’t know- just seems “easy” to me. This time it’s not a character, so to speak, but a style – steampunk! I’ll show you my hat for now. I’ll do a more in depth post about the whole outfit once I have it complete. This has been fun as well as frustrating. But I can’t wait to walk around among my fellow geeks soon!



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