Memory Pins

On today’s episode of Wistful Wednesdays I give you my pin collection. It’s not a big collection but must I remind you it’s not quantity it’s quality that counts? For me, quality is what it represents. I keep all sorts of things; a pack rat of sorts but not disease spreading (probably a blog for later). The things I keep spark memories when I look at them. Memories I may not think of on my own.

This lanyard was purchased on one of our many trips to Disney. But not the parks, no no, the golf course there. Every summer of high school I competed in the tournament held at Disney. On one such visit I stayed in the on-site hotel (fabulous!) only to have my Owl go missing. I used to sleep with stuffed animals even in high school. It was healthy, don’t judge me. Anyway, the hotel security guy questioned me. Where did I leave it? What did it look like? Um, it’s an owl – THE Owl from Winnie the Pooh – can’t miss him. Come to find out, he had been wadded up in the sheets and carried out to the laundry! But he was recovered. Yea!

On these trips one of my favorite things to do was to go to Downtown Disney and window shop. The Lego store was cool and the gigantic Disney store was amazing. I really liked the pin section and the snow globes. Seeing as how pins were much cheaper, I went that way. Picked one up each time. Even put them on my golf bag until one fell off in the middle of a tournament. Gasp! I was heart broken. Dad and I made a special trip to downtown Disney the next time we were close enough and I got a replacement.

Now it’s somewhat of a hobby. If I go somewhere that has a collectable pin, I’ll buy it. Epcot, DragonCon, MGM Studios, Holiday World, for example. Each with a memory, to help me never forget the fun times.


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