The geekiness begins

We finally made it! My traveling fellow geek friend and I touched down in Atlanta early this afternoon and started our fun right away.

We got to check into our Hilton hotel early – it is probably the Nicest hotel I ever remember staying in. It’s close to the airport so we were able to take a transport bus from the baggage claim directly here.

Our room has a nice view of the skyscrapers of downtown in the distance. To register for the convention we needed to go to that downtown and find an area made entirely of hotels (hyperbole). So guess what I got to do for the first time in my life? Ride a city train… Subway…. Transport…. Thing. It was so exhilarating! New and quite honestly, fun. I felt like a child with this new adventure.

We got briefly lost but everyone was so willing to help point us in the right direction. I was distracted by the tall buildings and avoiding stepping on the grate things in the side walk. In the end we were able to get our badges easily and the fun starts tomorrow!

After careful planning we have our schedule set for tomorrow , packed with awesome goodness. I hope to take lots of picture and to remember to eat. Random.

Anyway, swimming and Waffle House for dinner then heading to bed at a decent hour. Yea for dragoncon!

A few pictures (click to enlarge):

Public transportation

Our Hotel

Train Tunnel

My Badge!


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