Chai Tea Induced

Some people write deep thought provoking posts (I’ll do those…. Eventually). Some blog about craft ideas every day. Some are able to blog their helpful things several times a day (they better count their lucky stars they have the time to do that). I’m a sporadic poster. More like a personal yet public journal than a life changing, concept shattering blog site. And I’m ok with that. It works for me. I can share with those who care to read and not self promote to the point of annoyance to others just to get noticed on the “inter webs”. And there’s the hope that at some point my work will be noticed by a publisher or magazine, whether for my writing or my photography.

For now, I simply give you my chai tea induced randomness that is me. FYI I don’t always drink tea with caffeine so this one can make me go “lalalalala weeeeee!” if I let it.

I’ve been rather busy lately. I’ve started a new schedule again – feels like I just did that ( yep, in February). Working four days of ten hours in a row are really draining my energy. Also, I’ve been studying harder for an upcoming exam. So once a few things are done, I can start writing again!

On the list:

  • Pass FINRA series 10
  • Sew on Stargate SG 1 patches for costume
  • Find green and black cargo pants
  • Modify Battlestar costume to fit better
  • Find bag to carry around at Dragon Con
  • Have the most epic time at Dragon Con!
  • Start writing again
  • And that’s how it shall go, sortakindayeahmaybe.

    Until next time….

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