Fictional Christmas Squad

Christmas is coming! I found this fun idea created by & and I’ve decided to choose characters from my novel, Trials of the Innermost, to help me celebrate the festive season.

The Gift Giver

This would definitely be Vayriel. She has a giving spirit, always looking for how she can help and contribute. And her Highblood heritage makes it so that she tries to never take more than she needs. Though, her gifts might raise a few eyebrows. Pouch of herbs, any one?

The Scrooge

Undeniably Kharnek. He’d ask, “Why are we wasting our time with this?” as he’d sit in the corner, arms crossed, a scowl on his face. Don’t even try to offer him eggnog.

The Tree Decorator

This would fall on Idrilia. Mainly because she wouldn’t trust anyone else to put everything just right. And because she appreciates good art. I imagine a Christmas tree in Sondrine would be lit by crystals and Idrilia does so love to use crystals. (She won’t damage the tree I promise )

The Excitable Christmas Enthusiast

Kilahym most definitely. From singing Christmas carols too early to insisting everyone write a celebratory poem, wear matching hats, and dance a jig around the tree – leave it to our bard to have contagious Christmas spirit.

The Games Master

I think this would be Kalis. He has two siblings – plus Idrilia’s siblings since the families were always close – so it makes sense that he’d have a disposition for running all sorts of activities for all ages. Plus, he’s apt at leading.

The One Who’s Been in their Pyjamas All Day

I don’t know why I think this would be Zinvar. Most of the priestly events he’s used to are …. somber events, so I think he’d take this celebration causally. See what all the hype is from the comforts of pjs.

The One Who Dressed up as Santa

Orgar, at the behest of Kilahym, would come lumbering in dressed as the giver of gifts, dragging a slay of sorts. Our loveable, Lion-sized, wolfish creature would be having none of it. Pawing the Santa hat off whenever Kilahym turns his back, “accidentally” knocking presents from under the tree with his twin tails. Better snap a photo quick.

Well, what do you think? If you’ve read Trials of the Innermost, do you agree?

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