Favorite Christmas Movies

I like a lot of movies. I like a lot of Christmas movies. And from childhood, I was excited watching these come on the TV in December. Today, I can pretty much watch any of them on demand. But which ones are my favorites? Which ones will I, while flipping through the channels, always pause to watch? Here’s my top 5.

5- The Night They Saved Christmas


Saving Santa and the North Pole from a mean oil drilling company? You better believe young budding conservationist me loved that. Now it’s nostalgic. The technology used then seemed awesome and almost futuristic. The characters still bring a smile to my face.

4-Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Stop motion (and claymation) have always intrigued me. I love the characters, the songs, and the story. RtRNR taught me that it’s ok to be different.

3 – Home Alone

I enjoy the three stoogies type comedy in this one (I usually don’t). I think the acting is great and it’s fun to think a child could pull it all off. Two of my favorite Christmas songs go back to back – O Holy Night and Carol of the Bells. But I didn’t realize how “violent” this was until later in life. At least the message is nice – helping others and family is important.

2 – Santa Clause is Coming to Town

I love this cute Santa origin story! And so many catchy tunes! A story of the power of love, caring, friendship, fighting bullies, and “ah ha!” explanations of things we attribute to Santa (like why his laugh is “ho ho” being his childhood exposure to seals.)

1 – White Christmas

The singing, the dancing! Bing Crosby’s voice. It has humor and meaning. Themes of charity and good will, love, consequences of actions, and friendship. I like settings that take you back in time. I find myself quoting it year round. And singing it.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Movies”

  1. Sisters! Sisters!

    Watch this one as I decorate the tree every year! Great list! I’ve added Klaus to my favorite list this year.

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