Countdown – 87 days to the wedding!

Wow, have we been busy with wedding planning. Just this last weekend Scott and I got a lot accomplished. With both of us working full time and Scott studying for his MBA, often we only have a little bit of time after work and do most of the more complex items on the weekends.

This weekend we picked out our wedding bands. Simple, yet elegant. Mine will compliment my engagement ring nicely. I had heard that there are some women that no longer wear their engagement ring and instead only wear the wedding band. I didn’t want to be one of those women. When I mentioned this to the woman selling jewelry the look on her face was as if I had something in a completely different language. She obviously had no idea what I was talking about. Oh well. My ring ended up being 50% off – super awesome! Scott ordered his and I had mine sent out to be re-sized. We should have them in about three weeks.

We also stopped by the dress shop and had Scott measured for his tux. Right now, we are waiting to hear back from his groomsman on their measurements. We need to get the tuxes ordered by the first week of March (right around the corner!) so they will arrive on time for the wedding. Who would have thought that item would take so long?

The invitations we had ordered came in! It only took about a week and a half – amazingly fast. And the invitations look gorgeous! They came three to a page; invitation, reception card, and rsvp card. Only draw back was that I had to tear the 3 pieces for 200 sheets. My arms hurt at the end of it all. Luckily I found a system that worked well and I was able to tear through those (no pun intended) lickity split. Now comes the really fun part – addressing all of the envelopes. Anyone have a magic wand that will address them all in nice print?

Here’s a small picture of the invitations:

Scott, my mom, my sister, and I went to listen to two of the musicians I will have at my wedding and reception. One is a violists my sister goes to high school with and she played beautifully! There were several pieces she played to showcase herself to me that I now want in my wedding! I was having a terrible time deciding on music that I just kept putting the decisions off. Part of me wanting things really unique, the other part of me knew I didn’t have the time to rewrite things for the correct instruments or to hunt down appropriate sheet music. I’m so glad there were songs I really liked. The other musician plays the harp and guitar. I didn’t realize how many pieces on guitar could sound so perfect to me.  And I knew the harp was beautiful, but hearing it and knowing it would be at my wedding made me smile. I also hadn’t really thought much about having live musicians at the reception until I heard several that she termed “garden music” and now I’ve decided I must have her strumming the guitar during the reception. Of course I need to finalize everything with the musicians, but we’ve made a lot of progress finally!

The last item we addressed was the florist. My mom, Scott, and I had visited the florist before to give a broad idea of what we wanted. It was basically tossing out every idea and seeing what it would all cost. I found out that my bouquet would cost far more than I wanted to spend and that I thought there was too much orange. So we talked about setting a limit on how much each flower item would cost and I revisited the flowers I had picked and changed a few here and there. I can’t wait to see the real flowers, instead of imagining them in my head. It is going to be beautiful! Yet another item that still needs to be finalized, but progress is progress.

Today I emailed my cake designer some ideas I had thought of. I suddenly realized that this was something I had let slip through the cracks and needed to address asap. I remember her saying we’d need to finalize the design in March and lo! March is upon us. Typing this reminds me that I need to get in touch with my photographer and give her some more ideas on unique shots that I’d like to have.

This weekend we will meet with the minister to start our pre-marriage meetings. I’m not entirely sure what it will be about, but it means we are closer to the wedding and of course that makes me want to squeee!!

More to come later,


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