Another Writers of the Future Honorable Mention

I am thrilled to announce that once again I received an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future contest! (See this post and why I think it’s a BIG small win.)

This time, I entered a story that could be summarized as Joan of Arc in space. I loved writing it. This story was significant to me because I worked with an editor to refine my craft with this story specifically – it had received a “no thank you” from an anthology submission previously. Hearing that the judges thought I was almost there is so exiting!

I’ve been working on my craft even harder the last year so it feels like it’s paying off. Beyond working with an editor, what else have I been doing to improve? Glad you asked! I know not everyone has the budget to hire an editor. Here are some other things I’ve been doing.

Studying and Skill Building

The Busy Writer’s Guides by Marcy Kennedy

Winning Short Story Competitions By L.E. Daniels and C. Sawyer

Free Online workshops/lectures and newsletters such as from David Farland


I subscribed to a couple of magazines with SFF short stories (one big, one indie press)

Purchased several past volumes of Writers of the Future and the current volume.


I’m often looking for contests or indie anthologies to submit to that have prompts I haven’t yet written – to keep me creating, polishing, and submitting. I also spent the last few months completing a novella.

In the last year I also did a rewrite with my coauthor on our science fiction AND fantasy novel, Trials of the Innermost. It releases May 2023.

How’s your writing journey going?

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