Starting off the Week

The Brown County Fair has started, which I had planned on entering some of my photography into. However, between various issues and endeavors, I finally decided to try again next year instead. Unfortunately this is exactly what I said last year when I missed the deadline. In 2008 I was traveling with my mother and sisters to Kansas for the middle sister’s Softball World Series – I couldn’t make the entry deadline or the late entry date, but I did take some interesting Kansas photos!

This year, I printed various pictures I wanted to enter but did not finish by writing my name on the back with the photo title – other than that they were ready to go in my home. I then headed out of town planning to return for the 10am to noon entry time on Saturday. However, with such a small window for entry I decided that the hour round trip just wasn’t worth it and perhaps I would try on Monday for the late entry time on my way to work.

This morning there was a window from 9am to 10am – a very small window indeed and work for me begins at 9. I decided late last night that I just wouldn’t enter the fair this year. I convinced myself that it didn’t matter that much to me – it wasn’t as if I was getting my name out to the community for a photographer-for-hire as no one would see my name attached to the pictures; it wasn’t a contest for money or recognition. The only thing that would come of it would perhaps be the satisfaction of receiving a blue ribbon or just viewing my photographs in such a setting.

Even after telling myself that beyond the latter statement, entering the fair wasn’t that important to me, I find that I am deeply saddened that I did not take the time to enter. Even my coworkers were surprised that I did not enter my photography, as they have seen my work. Part of me, I guess, was afraid of dissapointment – I know the quality of my work, and to be denied recognition by a county fair would severely injure my already humble view of my abilities. Perhaps it is best that I did not enter, though I do feel very sad at not doing so.

But here’s to a new week! I feel inspiration coming for more website development and possibly some new poetry. Stay tuned!


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