Ideas for a Spring Break at Home

Spring Break doesn’t have to take you far from home to give you the rest, relaxation, or enjoyable new activities that you crave. Here are five ideas for families staying home for Spring Break. (If you are travelling, check out my post when I travelled to Colorado in the spring time.)

1 Create a Staycation Bingo

Never have enough time to work in your garden? Always wanted to check out that little park you drive by on Wednesdays? Spring Break at home is a great time to cross off some of your fun to-dos and try new things. Make it a group activity by having a family bingo sheet. I’ve created one to get you started.

2 Explore Something New in Your Town

Research your city, county, or within a day-trip distance something you have never tried or visited. Using your town’s government website is a great resource. Many locations have online visitor guides, lists of things to do, or local event calendars. Start your day with breakfast at a local eatery, shop a used bookstore, and finish with a walk in the park. The combinations are endless.

3 Spring Cleaning on Spring Break

But make it fun! Turn up the music and have a sing-a-long dance party as you work together to clean the garage or organize the closets. Take breaks every 15-30 minutes to nibble on favorite snacks or give each other superhero temporary tattoos.

4 Bring the Spring Break Cruise to You

Take inspiration from twitter user Jess Siswick who recreated Disney rides in her living room. Reuse those Amazon boxes, get artsy with sidewalk chalk and hand drawn signs. You can have your family travel everywhere from Winnie the Pooh’s 100 Acre Wood to Under the Sea or a ride in a hot air balloon.

5 Build a Terrarium

Find inspiration online and create a fairy garden or mini plant terrarium. Many of the supplies, such as small bowls, decorative rocks, and miniature figures can be found at store like Dollartree or secondhand shops. For this one, I got moss, sand, and a bridge from Michaels and a Dragon from Etsy and airplants from florida. Stones I already had.

Share your ideas in the comments!

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