Happy Christmas Eve!

This morning I piddled around, like I usually do, and wound up wasting a bit too much time than I had planned. In panic, when I realized what time it was, I ran about the apartment getting my things packed for heading to my family’s this afternoon, piling the presents to pack in the car, getting myself ready, doing laundry (as I had run out of clothes!), packing our dog Poe’s items,  and making my Pineapple Cracker Spread for this evening’s festivities. Huff puff huff puff. Just about finished and now I take a break to wish everyone who reads my blog a Happy Christmas Eve and a Happy Christmas tomorrow as well!

I’m actually going to stop en route to my family’s to get my husband Scott his last Christmas present. I wasn’t brave enough to venture to the mall this week and there weren’t any stores near enough that had what I wanted. I’ll be leaving him in the car with Poe while I run into the store about half way to our destination. Oh, and I just remembered we needed to stop and get my parents’ one last item as well. Glad this blog reminded me 😉

Today I’ve listened to various Mannheim Steamroller Christmas songs, Sandi Patty Christmas, and other things tossed in. I’m finally getting into the spirit of things! Nothing quite like waiting until the last minute for that, too.  Well, not much time left before I need to pack the car. I’ll post my recipe if anyone is curious. If you’ve read my other Adventures in Cooking blogs, you’ll probably be scared of this recipe. But since there’s no real cooking involved – and I’ve made this for several years now – I can assure you it is easy, disaster free, and actually rather yummy!


Kristina’s Pineapple Cracker Spread Recipe

12 oz cream cheese (1 tub)
10 oz crushed pineapple (drained)
1/2 cup finely diced green peppers
1/4 cup finely diced yellow onion
3/4 cup finely chopped pecan
salt to taste (suggested 1 tsp)

Mix all well

Best flavor when allowed to sit overnight in fridge



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