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Title: Tavern Tale

Release Date: 2025-01-10

Summary: What if the side quest is really the main quest? Inspired by RPGs and set in scenic autumn, it has the world-building of Dragon Age (and spicy sapphic romance) and sprinkles of slice-of-life from Legends and Lattes. Divine, a 25-year-old former healer of the Goddess of Souls is chasing her talisman, the key to accessing her magic well, which was stolen by a servant of the Goddess of Condemnation and an enemy. In Iramont, Divine meets Saph. The flirty tavern owner and axe wielder with an eyepatch has a proposition: Saph will help Divine locate her talisman if Divine helps her complete a mysterious quest in a chest. Preorder Now!  

Book Cover: Tavern Tale
Tavern Tale