Wedding Planning Continues

The wedding planning keeps going and going. Recently my mom and I spent some time shopping for various items. We went to the bridal store and ordered my veil (I’m very excited about the style and have to fight from saying anything here lest I ruin the surprise!) and bought jewelry to compliment the wedding gown.

In addition, the lovely owner of the bridal store (always so willing to help and give suggestions) reminded us that the mother of the bride needs to order her dress soon as well. I had no idea that was part of the big day! My mother, sneaky lady that she is, knew and failed to mention it to me! She didn’t want to try on any dresses as she never thinks any look good on her. Well, we proved her wrong! There were several dresses that looked marvelous on her and she ordered one of those. I’m so glad we were able to get there in time to have the dress shipped!

We also went to several craft and party type stores and I bought a lot of those little but often needed items. We found a lovely card box for people to drop cards at the reception. We spend a lot of time pondering and finally found some small birdcages for decorations at the reception but they didn’t have birds so I bought some very realistic looking birds to put inside. I found matching ring pillow, flower basket, guest-book and pen as well in the perfect deep brown silk. Several vases were purchased to use once the wedding is over to hold the girls’ bouquets and also double as decoration.

A lot of time was spent comparing different prices of tents, tables, chairs, delivery/setup/breakdown costs for wedding/reception, pole covers, and table linens. Sadly, a lot of the information and sizes were confusing us and we were unable to make a decision. Good news is we still have time!

Scott and I got our honeymoon booked recently as well!! Four days on St. Augustine beach, a beach front hotel of course, and we will visit the fort and lighthouse and of course down town. We’ll also spend two days in Orlando visiting Epcot and Downtown Disney. I didn’t realize the end of our honeymoon would be at Memorial Day weekend – I had a hard time finding a hotel on the beach available let alone a reasonable price. But we ended up getting a great discount! $10 more for on the beach vs a street or two over? Well worth it!
Finally ordered the invitations and heard that the paper was out of stock but should be in soon. I’m getting more and more excited by the day!!


Poetry, writings, photography, studying for the 7 all on hold while  the wedding takes most of my focus. It is fun!


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