Tons done, more to do

21 days! Three weeks to get everything accomplished.

I got Scott to finally go to the eye doctor. Our dog, Poe, had destroyed his glasses and Scott is in dire need of a new pair. For his eyes’ sake, as well as for our own when we look back on the wedding pictures, I sent him off with the mission to get his appointments. Success! He should be getting new glasses in about a week. I also pushed him to get a dentist appointment as well to make his teeth sparkly. Success on that, too! Now for me. I’m trying to get a dentist appointment but the silly place won’t call me back. If I don’t hear from them on Monday I’m going to try another dentistry. I thought since they helped Scott they would be a good place to go. We shall see.

I finally updated the descriptions on the Ceremony and Reception pages of the website, including some information about parking and what not to wear. Added more items to the registry, like photo albums. (Silly me, completely spaced that those would be great gifts for us). Emailed my musicians to see how the music is coming along. Finally booked a videographer! Nothing like waiting to the last minute on that. It really was a last minute idea – we’d already decided a long time ago that photos were very important and our photographer was the second thing we booked. But we got to thinking – what if years down the road we wished we had live clips from the wedding? Luckily I found and they can make my date! I think my wedding planning book says to get them 9-12 months ahead of time. I think I deserve an award for finding one a month before. Ha!

This weekend I’m working on reception favors,  reserved chair tents, ceremony programs, and some other items. This week has been fairly productive, but I’ve still got a lot to do! I’ll be sure to update more tomorrow!

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