Memory Posters

For this week’s Wistful Wednesday I have quite the gem. I probably should have something fantastic to share since I missed last week. I will attempt to be more consistent with my postings, but I give no guarantees.

My mother created these fantastic posters to display my life’s accomplishments at my high school graduation. I’ll have to ask her but I believe they were set up for my graduation party. There were posters of newspaper articles from basketball and golf, and pictures of every activity I can remember participating in. I should get these laminated or otherwise preserved as I think the scrapbook-type items are not found anywhere but on these posters.

The image below is of one of those posters. Not the best picture as it was taken on my phone, but hopefully you can see kid-me ice skating, in dance outfits, golfing, accepting a golf trophy, and playing trumpet. Enjoy!


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