Welcome! I am Kristina Walls Kelly – author, photographer, dreamer, and creator. My first SFF novel, Trials of the Innermost, will be released through Hansen House Publishing May 2023.

Professional Bio

Since childhood, writing stories on her mother’s typewriter or trying to catalog her own books like a library, Kristina has been in love with storytelling. Her undergraduate pursuits focused on Psychology, Music, and Computer Science. With trumpet as her main instrument and a connection to nature, Kristina often works music and visual landscapes into her writings.

What spawned out of their mutual love for SFF books, shows, and video games was a joint effort between Kristina and her good friend, Jonathan Fuller, to blend what they love of science fiction and fantasy while representing the kaleidoscope of people and experiences of the real world. The Etherea Cycle is as much of a journey of discovery of herself as it is for the characters.

Kristina currently resides in Indiana with her husband, sons, and black lab. In her spare time, Kristina takes photography, makes various crafts, plays video games (RPGs are her favorite), and tends to her flower garden. She loves going on new adventures in the great wide somewhere (sometimes just by picking up a new book).

Informal Bio

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida Southern College where I also minored in Music and had an emphasis in Computer Science. I graduated Cum Laude, was added to Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities, and am a member of Psi Chi and Phi Eta Sigma honor societies.

But enough of the boring stuff.

I have written many poems and am currently writing several fantasy and sci-fi novels and short stories. My main photography focus is nature and the uniqueness of life – from sports and hobbies to landscapes and flowers.

Through Kristina’s Eyes (http://kristinaseyes.com) is for me to share my artistic and creative endeavors and my geek obsessions.  It will give a glimpse into my interests and provide information on current projects, provide an online store, and showcase some of my work (photography, stories, poetry, and crafts) – mostly through my blog (which is general babble from me, if I’m being honest).

I met my husband because of video games. I was listening to music from Final Fantasy on my MP3 player and he noticed. We love playing various games together; in fact, we had Beatles Rock Band at our wedding reception. We have one dog, Poe (named after Edgar Allen Poe, you guessed it), a black lab, and two sons. We love going on new adventures in the great wide somewhere.

As a mom and with a full-time job, my artistic endeavors are slower than I’d like but my brain is always moving at the speed of creativity.

I hope you enjoy reading the various topics, updates, and rambles of this site.