Currently my main focus is the Etherea Cycle (a collaboration) and you can get updates on that endeavor at www.jonathanandkristina.com.

Here are the other writing endeavors I am currently working on. Some are paused but will be touched again when I am not working on other projects.  I will use my blog to post short stories and poetry to share with you readers. I will update this page with each new item and a link to the post.

Current Projects:

The Etherea Cycle

Trials of the Innermost

There is a darkness that threatens this world, as it once did long ago.

In the wake of the Great Calamity, the world of Etherea stood divided. Three distinct realms, one forever shadowed, one drenched in light, and one caught in the grey between, battled for supremacy. A fragile peace now exists. To preserve it, two emissaries from each realm are chosen to partake in an epic quest: the Trials of the Innermost.

 In the left hand, knowledge. In the right hand, combat.

Authors: Kristina Kelly, Jonathan Fuller
Series: The Etherea Cycle, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction


The Jacobian (working title)

SciFi Novel The very thing they need the Jacobian for may prevent them from finding it

Book 1
14 %

Book 2
7 %

Book 3
20 %

Book 4 (not started)

The Savage Sorceress

SciFi/ fantasy Novel Sareana was born into a world full of mistrust and schemes. Despite all obstacles and their betrayal and bickering she must train to aid all of Jahamori as the old order once did.
23 %


The Archives of Indecency

(Working title)

YA Steampunk This is a tale as old as time revisioned. Belle is on a mission to get back her father's books and with the help of an Air Ship crew can they best Red and her elite Wolf Pack soldiers?

30 %

The Persistent Shadow

Fantasy Novel Even today it is still a mystery of where Natulcien went following the fall of her people and what she did for nearly 200 years. But this story tells what she did do when she returned.

*Copyright Kristina Walls Kelly