Currently, my main focus is the Etherea Cycle (a collaboration with my friend and co-author Jonathan) and you can get updates on the science fantasy series at www.jonathanandkristina.com.

Here are the other writing endeavors I am currently working on. Some are paused but will be touched again when I am not working on other projects.

Current Projects:

The Etherea Cycle

Authors: Kristina Kelly, Jonathan Fuller
Series: The Etherea Cycle
Genre: Science Fantasy



The Archives of Indecency (working title)

YA Steampunk. This is a tale as old as time revisioned. Belle is on a mission to get back her father’s books and with the help of an Air Ship crew can they best Red and her elite Wolf Pack soldiers?

A dash of Pride & Prejudice, a sprinkling of Once Upon a Time, with magic and mechanical elephants.

30 %


The Jacobian (working title)

The very thing they need the Jacobian for may prevent them from finding it…

SciFi Novel

20 %


The Savage Sorceress

SciFi/ fantasy Novel, Sareana was born into a world full of mistrust and schemes. Despite all obstacles and their betrayal and bickering she must train to aid all of Jahamori as the old order once did.

23 %


The Persistent Shadow

Fantasy Novel, Even today it is still a mystery of where Natulcien went following the fall of her people and what she did for nearly 200 years. But this story tells what she did do when she returned.


*Copyright Kristina Walls Kelly