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If you’ve ever read any of my blog posts, you know that I can be sporadic in updating. Here we are again, several months after my last update. Here’s what I’ve been up to recently.

1) Focusing on writing. I set a goal to finish my book, The Jacobian, by the end of June. Well, umm, that’s really not going to happen. I’m going to take a closer look at that project and set a new goal. Probably looking more at the end of the year.

2)  Getting back into photography. I received a great book for Christmas to help me become an even better photographer. I even did my first “portrait” work. Granted it was my sister for her senior portraits, but I’m very pleased with the results. I will be sharing a few of those in my portfolio soon. Also, I did a large family (my family) shoot and most recently my small family (parents, sisters, husband) shoot – both with great results. I’ll share those soon as well.

3) Updating my gallery. I’ve been attempting to redesign the look of how I share my best photos. And, only share my best photos. I realized I was sharing too much and really need to pick less to share. How many pictures could someone possibly want to look at of a daffodil bud, right?

4) Vacationing. My husband and I got back on Monday from a vacation in Florida. We went to Disney’s Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom. We had a great time, and I think I took some very good photos as well. We visited two different beaches, saw manatees, and swam with the dolphins. Well, they were probably 75 yards away, but they were in the same waters! We also went to the Florida Aquarium, which has one of my favorite sea creatures – the Leafy Dragon.

5) Jewelry making. I just need to pick a hobby and stick with it, right? Here I go, picking up a new one. I made a necklace with matching earrings and a bracelet for my mom for mother’s day. She liked it! Check it out

jewelry6) Donating. You saw my post in March – my friend needs a kidney transplant and I’ve donated. I’ve also adopted a manatee from – her name is Ariel and I should be getting my certificate in the mail soon! I also donated to bring back Reading Rainbow – I definitely recommend everyone do that


And I think that about sums it up! Next update shouldn’t be too far behind this one, and with some added images.



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