Poetry Book – Emotions and Nature

This morning I’ve been going through old photos and files, attempting to backup those items most precious to me (mainly my photographs). Even though I have an external hard drive, I worry that something could happen to that and am making CD backups as well. Getting to the point of this blog entry, I found a document I worked on in 2008. I made a Christmas gift for several people out of poetry and photography. I found photographs I wanted to use and created new poetry to match; some poetry I already had and found pictures to match. Prints were made and glued into a book form. It was a a landscape of emotions, represented in poetry and pictures. Here is the digital version:

A gift of emotions and nature through poetry and photography


Through light and memory,

The paths of the world are tread

Through the shadow of darkness

All things fade

Yet, only darkness shows

Those things which are

And those things to be

Then we see and remember,

For light comes after darkness

And hope prevails

To the end of days



Flowing fountain, wings of water

It is longing, it is grace

It is courage, it is peace

It is unbroken, it is contingent

Marvelously unpolished

Sparkling stream ever-flows

Alive in uncounted forms

Fills our cups, heals our wounds

Embrace us, oh Flowing Wings


While I hid, while I hid in damp shadows

A frozen, huddled statue

And watched waving ravens’ wings

While I hid

While I hid, while I hid behind echoes of sound

Black veils searched endless corners

And listened to the sighing wind

While I hid

While they sought, while they sought after phantoms

I slid into sheltered silhouettes

Winter passed and fled from Spring

Silenced in raging rivers


Step up, stride up

Follow your heart, if not closed

Pry open with scented petals

Wedge wide with painted thoughts

Lead forward, leap forward

Follow your heart, even broken

Mend the lock with silver tokens

Keep alive with fallen stars

Press ahead, plunge ahead

Follow your heart, if not anguished

Sew tears with threads of mind

Multiply joys with veiled jewels


Gathering the painted sky

Like a darkened cape of blood and earth

She ties the clouds with broken branches

Lets the tail violently whip on the wind

With wings of icy quills – weighted, bitter

She glides her cape of fury, draping

Over valleys, over mountains, from her neck

With feet of stone she crushes flowers

Brow of thorns knitted, eyes swirling

Drips shadows of malice, fire, steam

Crushes rock

Burns river

Strikes fear into the depths of light

With her cape of blood and earth


Whispering leaves send their songs

To blue birds napping on clouds

Light glistens on water-ways

As one eye looks down

When all is still and darkened

Another peers below

To watch the sleeping branches

Filled with life and love

This is the view

A world of sky above


Across the ocean of leaves

Through the vales of rising mist

Travel to the resting place

Seek the vanished star

It hides beneath the willow branch

Sets flame to dying growth

Light upon the mirrored water

Shatters fragments into dreams

Chase it, grasp it, dancing speck

Perched upon the lane’s last curve

Thunder, lightning, puff of dust

Echoes through the silent stream

It flashes sparks with darkness turned

Dives deep beneath the cold cracked mirror

Look not to find the shouldered wall

Breaks limbs, bleeds flow

Across the sea of rotting leaves

Through the valleys of rising smoke

Forget the way to the burial place

Seek not the dying moon



Oh Life

Has come assuredly

Her brother Tomorrow follows

Counting blessings in his eyes

The bronze gold tree

Reflects the sun

Bright blue



Soft sighs of whispers

Wind-songs of sleepy storms

Sea speaks on soft sand

Breathe out, breathe in

Rustle, shuffle sunlight

Sitting silently on still breeze

Save reflections from silver mirror

Breathe out, breathe in





Breathe out, breathe in

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