Through Kristina’s Eyes (http://kristinaseyes.com) is a website designed to create a web-presence for my artistic and creative endeavors.  It will explain, in-depth, who I am, what I do, and provide information on current projects, provide an online store, and showcase some of my work. My blog, however, is the News venue for my site. Here I will post information concerning:

  • My novel endeavors
  • The progress of Through Kristina’s Eyes website development
  • Announcements on new photos added to my gallery or e-store
  • The progress, inspirations, or lack of for poetry and short stories
  • News concerning any awards, jobs, or recognition for any of my creative endeavors
  • Announcements about new products or ideas for the e-store
  • The progress of other websites I am designing/managing
  • And other general babble from me

My name is Kristina Walls Kelly – I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida Southern College in 2008 where I also minored in Music and had an emphasis in Computer Science. I graduated Cum Laude, was added to Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities, and am a member of Psi Chi and Phi Eta Sigma honor societies.

But enough of the boring stuff.

I am a writer, a photographer, dreamer and creator. I have written many poems and am currently writing several novels. My main photography focus is nature and the uniqueness of life – from sports and hobbies to landscapes and flowers. This site serves as home for my creative works and will offer many of such creations for sale to the public.

I met my loving husband because of video games, sitting on a bus at a college campus. I was listening to music from Final Fantasy on my MP3 player and he noticed. We love playing various games together, in fact we had Beatles Rock Band at our wedding reception, and we enjoy the occasional walk outside (we have to get our fresh air once in a while). We have one dog, Poe (named after Edgar Allen Poe, you guessed it), a black lab who is both wacky and crazy loving.

As life can tend to get in the way, my artistic endeavors are slower than I’d like but my brain is always moving at the speed of creativity.

I hope you enjoy reading the various topics, updates, and rambles of this blog/news site.