July 21st Update

Progress on http://makingscentsations.com is going slow, but at least I am continuing in the direction of completion. I officially started the News and Announcements page [also known as a blog] and I must say I love the way it looks. I can design most any image I would like and I can code webpages – though the more difficult items prove very ‘slow-goings’ – but I was very glad to find a pre-designed layout that I did not have to code! This enables the blog to be up and running, looking pretty I might add, instantly.

As for my site – I am starting to work on the shopping area bit by bit but of course still focusing on the Making Scents website first. However, I was very excited last night to have some writing inspiration. I am currently working on a novel that I call The Savage Sorceress as well as one entitled The Persistent Shadow. The Savage Sorceress is currently on chapter 6, and I finally had an idea and inspiration to start the next chapter. I hope it continues so that I can finally complete this novel and start sending it to publishers.

That is all the news I can think of at the moment from my artistic side.


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