Mid-week update

I finally have inspiration to write – you have no idea how excited that makes me. Granted, I don’t sit down and write a thousand words a day but I’m at least able to write a paragraph a day if not more. I am finally able to see beyond the last chapter I wrote and create some situations that will get the plot where I want it to go, mold it into the ending I have planned. I have a basic time-line of events, but I find that my plot is either lacking in excitement or that I’m skipping explaining ideas that I should at least hint at. So, for the longest time I couldn’t think of ways to expand my current characters or introduce new ones without them just making a one chapter appearance. The oddest thing about it all is that I’ve been getting ideas while at work, so I’ve been having to write them down in the few minutes (sometimes seconds) I get between phone calls. But it is actually working right now and in the past four days I’ve written six type-written pages. Celebration time!

Last Monday I did not work as it was a holiday, therefore I was able to have a long-needed doctor’s appointment! Since I haven’t had insurance in a while I have been unable to visit the doctor (I guess unwilling is probably a better term – who can blame me with the cost of an office visit alone?). I have been off of my acid reflux medicine for far too long. My major symptom, years ago, was a chronic cough and once I was diagnosed and put on antacid medicine my cough went away. Well, since about this time last year I developed a persistent need to clear my throat. Then, around October I started to develop allergy-like symptoms that haven’t gone away. When I was younger, living in Indiana, I had allergy and sinus problems constantly – when I moved to Florida they all but vanished. Back in Indiana, so you guess the next bit. As I described things to my new doctor, we both agree that my acid reflux is back (back on medicine for that, yea!) and that I have chronic allergy symptoms. I’m on medication to treat that as well as an antibiotic just in case I have any bacteria floating around in my system. I hope it all kicks in soon as I’m tired of my stuffy/sneezy nose, dry eyes, headaches, and throat issues. As an extra thought I bought an air purifier this week and hooked it up. I can definitely tell a difference between the feel and smell of the bedroom compared to the rest of the basement – my findings so far are inconclusive as to whether it aids my healing process.

My fiancĂ© and I decided to request the last Friday of this month off so we will be enjoying a three day weekend. We will probably have our usual video game playing and ping pong hitting but then we will be visiting my family, who we haven’t seen since Christmas. Yes, the first return visit as an engaged couple, not that that has any meaning whatsoever – I just felt like saying it. My middle sister has a basketball tournament and I am exited to get to see her play.

I am playing a video game right now that I greatly enjoy. It is challenging – the battles and the puzzles – and the story is, in a word, epic. They style of story-telling and suspense has motivated me to make my story more edge-of-your-seat and I’ve decided to make the shocking twists I had planned, well, more shocking. I expect to have more inspiration as the week continues to write more.

Recently I revamped my mother’s website makingscentsations.com and although it is not completely finished it is leaps and bounds above the “Coming soon” sorry excuse for a webpage I had made before. I suggest you take a look! I have also been redesigning the look of my kristinasyes.com website, and it is moving much slower. I’m liking the new design, but as my CSS coding is minimal at the moment, customization of the template has proven more of a trial-and-error process and my crazy ability to finagle what I want in a completely unorthodoxed and seemingly random way. The main page is rather blank, but I will be updating it soon. My next step is to finish my gallery and have that viewable, then to be followed by a short flip-book style page for part of my Savage Sorceress Story. It is a lovely idea, I’m just not sure how practical such an endeavor will prove to be. Ah, but I am loving how creativity has returned to me once more.

And now I must retire with a good book and fall asleep rejuvenated for another day in the real world.


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