Thank you for appropriately labeling

Why hasn’t facebook designed a filter system for uploaded content? Now, I’m mainly talking about photos but this could apply for videos and various outside links.

I belong to the artist website DeviantArt and they do a great job allowing for categorizing, searching, and giving you the option of hiding things labeled as mature content.

Now on Facebook, I have no way of telling my news feed to hide just a specific type of picture from my friends or to search for say “wedding” and find all of the pictures labeled as such by my friends. This second part isn’t as important as the first. Here’s how I’d like for it to go:

Would you like to upload a picture?
Why yes!
Please select from the following content labels
1) Does this contain scandalous content? (ex. Your boobs are hanging out. You are showing off your butt tattoo. You find giving the camera your middle finger amusing. )
2) Could this be classified as destructive behavior? (ex. You are holding your favorite alcoholic beverage. You are clearly intoxicated with others. You are smoking on a street corner. )
3) Does this have anything to do with babies? (ex. You are showing off the stretched skin of your pregnant stomach. Your baby is asleep and drooling. Your baby is covered in mashed up baby food. )
Thank you for appropriately labeling. We can can now hide this from your friends who just don’t want to see that crap. Uploading now.

Ah yes. If only.

2 thoughts on “Thank you for appropriately labeling”

  1. Amen! They need to have the pinning/keyword requirements then search with Google capabilities. To add my 2¢ … how about Pinterest board type photo albums to save favorite statuses and pictures of your friends and yours.

    Seriously though, so tired of the pictures of drunk people In compromising positions. Let’s also add an upload requirement to be “Can you lose your job, friends, spouse, or other important aspect of life by content.contained in uploaded picture?”

    1. Agreed. I do like your suggested additional requirement – that should be #1, then my three below. I love the Pinterest model for organizing, that’s worth more than 2¢! Why aren’t we employed by them? Look at how much we’d contribute 😉

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